Camping Program

Students from Years 3 to 6 have the opportunity to attend a school camp each year.


This allows students to engage in educational experiences outside of home and school settings, providing wider learning to support and extend classroom activities. The program enhances the acquisition of knowledge, values and skills. The students are given the opportunity to develop independence and responsible behaviours that will contribute to personal and group safety and well-being.


The current camping program is:

  • Year 3 – 2 night camp at Arrabri Lodge, Warburton (Term 4)
  • Year 4 – 3 night camp at Oasis Camp, Mount Evelyn (Term 1)
  • Year 5 – 4 night camp at Phillip Island (Term 2)
  • Year 6 – 4 night camp at Alexandra Adventure Resort (Term 2)


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