Kids Teaching Kids

The Kids Teaching Kids Program promotes positive wellbeing and helps build resilience in young people. It raises awareness and drives action on local and global environmental issues, bringing communities together to solve common challenges and help the next generation of leaders who will take collective responsibility for our future.


Kids Teaching Kids Week is a free, national, inquiry based, peer teaching program that uses the environment as a theme and focus for learning. Students of all ages find solutions to complex environmental problems such as climate change, water, waste, conservation, energy, drought, population and pollution. Students research, develop and then perform songs, comedy, dance routines, poems, plays and experiments for their classmates to deliver their messages about the environment.


We connect and challenge students with real world issues, inspiring them to want to know more. By giving students the opportunity to present a workshop to others during Kids Teaching Kids Week or at one of the Kids Conferences, students see that they can have a positive impact on the world, starting in their own communities. They are given tools to manage their own learning and become confident, caring and informed citizens ready to take on new challenges.






What is Teach The Teacher?

Teach the Teacher is a student-led professional development program for teachers.

Student Voice is crucial to the realisation of Victoria as the Education State and Teach the Teacher is uniquely placed to support all schools in empowering student voice and agency in all elements of learning and teaching as identified in the Framework for Improving Student Outcomes.


We recognise that students are at the centre of education. They are the ones with the unique perspective. They are the ones sitting in the classroom every day and have ideas about what works and ways to improve teaching and learning, to make education more engaging.


The program supports the development of stronger and more effective student-teacher relationships, explores improvements in teaching and learning processes and is tailored to suit the needs of our school.


Each year our Kids Teaching Kids Team present to staff at a Professional Learning session. They run the entire session with our staff as the learners. This has proved to be a very positive experience for both students and staff; strengthening relationships and understandings about the teaching and learning experience and providing an opportunity for educational and professional growth for staff and students.



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