Sustainability Curriculum

The Sustainability curriculum is designed to educate students in a range of environmental, social, ethical, historical and practical areas. Learning activities are based in nature and hands on where practicable.


Students learn about a range of environmental issues such as sustainability, waste, water, biodiversity, energy and climate change. They learn to take-action at a local level and through student voice and agency, decide on ways that they can be more environmentally responsible citizens. They participate in sustainability programs across the school which are hands on and provide achievement and success for all.


Through exploring nature in our outdoor learning programs, students become connected to their world. They learn about seasons, animals, insects and plants. They explore the life cycles of plants and animals and engage in animal husbandry with our school chickens, lizards and turtle.


Students also investigate Indigenous perspectives through the Aboriginal Sustainability curriculum. They discover Country, Australian animals, Wurundjeri seasons, culture and customs, how plants are used for tools and shelters, bush tucker and sustainable management techniques. 


Student welfare and life skills are also part of the Sustainability curriculum. Caring for ourselves and others is part of the Sustainability ethos. Students engage in self-care exploration and senior students participate in cooking sessions and community service.


Students engage in many programs throughout their schooling such as:

  • Zoos Victoria’s Fighting Extinction Program
  • Parks Victoria’s Park Explorers Program
  • Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program
  • Zoos Victoria Marine Guardians Program
  • Tree Planting Day
  • Clean Up Australia Day



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