The Music Program at Mount Waverley Primary School aims to foster a lifelong love and passion for music. Throughout their time at MWPS, students develop advanced skills in composition and performance, opening up a wonderful freedom of expression and creative potential.


In the Junior years, students begin this journey by learning to read and write simplified music notation, dancing and moving to music, and exploring a range of tuned and untuned percussion instruments. Foundation - Year 2 students develop their vocal technique, intonation and rhythmic understanding through studying concepts and skills of Kodaly and Orff pedagogy. Formal music notation is introduced in Years 3 – 6 with the study of the descant recorder. Senior students create and perform compositions that incorporate the staff, treble clef, pitch, rhythm, note values, time signatures, tempo, dynamics, melody, harmony, form and other musical elements.


Student Voice, Agency and Leadership are integrated into all facets of the Music Program at MWPS. Students not only compose their own musical pieces but also create their own dance choreography for whole year level song performances, and incorporate drama through writing short scripts that are accompanied by instrumental and vocal effects. Year 5 and 6 students further advance along their musical odyssey as they learn to use keyboards, guitars and a range of other instruments in collaborating on their own multi instrumental musical works. Legendary musicians, composers and genres from different times, cultures and origins are investigated with a focus on the elements of music and analysing how musicians achieve different emotions in their work.


The School has an extensive Instrumental Program run by the Online Music Solutions Company which offers a wide range of instrument tuition including flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, violin, cello, guitar, drums and keyboard. (Fees apply) Opportunity is given for students to join a number of musical ensembles including the Orchestra, Jazz/Blues Band, Senior Choir and Junior Choir. Each year these groups contribute to and connect with the community by performing at the Oxfam Music Festival for Schools which helps raise vital funds for indigenous communities in Australia and nearby countries. These ensembles also perform at major school events such as Harmony Day, Open Night, the Art Show and Music Demonstration Night.


Annual Music Soirees are held giving students the option to do solo performances on their instrument. Parents who would like to extend their children theatrically are able to enrol them in the Dance and Drama Club. (Fees apply) Each year students involved will study advanced skills in dancing, acting and singing, culminating with the end of year musical theatre production.


In addition, students in years 5 and 6 are able to try out for the State School Spectacular Dance Ensemble which performs at the Victorian State School Spectacular. In Term 4 each year level works on a performance item for the Whole School Carols Gala where every student performs. This is the largest annual event at MWPS and is a wonderful way to end the year and celebrate all of the student successes in the Performing Arts department as well as the whole school.





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