STEM is a transdisciplinary approach to inquiry within the areas of: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, which builds students’ capacity to solve problems using critical and creative thinking.  Students learn about the connections between these learning areas and learn multidisciplinary skills to produce responses to real life, challenge-based problems.


Our STEM Program encourages students from Prep to Year 6 to engage scientifically with the world around them. Delivered by our dedicated STEM teacher, these lessons encourage students to investigate scientific topics, presenting a hypothesis to conduct their experiments before reaching a conclusion. Students are engaged in real life activities about survival, innovation, change and discovery by participating in hands-on investigations, collaborative group inquiry and problem-based learning. The units covered include biological, chemical, physical and; earth and space sciences.


At MWPS, we value the role STEM learning plays in the current environment and thus engage with STEM throughout our various units of inquiry in order to develop our students as 21st century learners. Various hands-on learning engagements encourage students to be innovators, solve problems by harnessing their curiosity about the world around them.  


The school has a well-equipped science resource room, containing a large quantity of exciting and useful equipment. This includes investigative equipment including microscopes, human body models, equipment for electrical circuitry and much more. There are also materials and tools for making models and equipment for science or technology projects.






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