Our school library is a dynamic and busy learning environment which belongs to all of us, serving as a community hub for families, a support for busy teachers, and being for our students a destination (and resource) that provides literacy teaching, recreation, social connection, learning support, encounters with authors and illustrators, opportunities for leadership, occasional refuge, and lots and lots of books to read.


Research links reading and school libraries to improved outcomes in literacy and right across the curriculum, and our primary function is the development of an established habit of reading, supporting students throughout their primary school years to become independent, enthusiastic, and discerning readers. They are also guided towards an ethical approach to information and the skills and strategies that support inquiry.


The large and varied library collection has been developed over many years, to meet the diverse and the particular needs and interests of our students, who are actively encouraged to contribute suggestions for new books or series to purchase.


The library is open before and after school and for half of lunchtime. Students and their families are encouraged to exchange their books, seek book suggestions, or simply meet friends or read. Library classes are fortnightly, with timetabled borrowing opportunities in the alternative week.  


The library program includes an exciting calendar of events. There are regular author and illustrator visits, which have a profound effect on borrowing and reading. The Scholastic Book Fair is held annually, strongly supported by parent helpers and providing us with funds for many wonderful resources which enhance the library environment. Students are encouraged to participate in the Victorian Premier’s Reading Challenge. Book Week celebrations regularly include the Great Book Swap and Library Open Saturday, when school families are invited to come and …read together, to celebrate the powerful impact parents can have on their children’s reading.



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