Robotics and Coding

Robotics, coding and programming have become a prominent part of modern education and Mount Waverley Primary School takes great pride in the range of programs that begin in Foundation and continue to the senior levels. The skills that students utilise and develop during these lessons prepare them for opportunities that may look to seize in their futures. As students code and program, their learning moves beyond building a robot. Multiple curriculum areas are incorporated into every lesson, including Literacy and Numeracy. Where Robotics, Coding and Programming truly shines is with other areas of the ‘whole learner,’ such as critical thinking, problem solving and collaboration skills. These skills have become essential aspects for any learner and a priority focus of learning at Mount Waverley Primary School.


Foundation – Bee-Bots

Foundation students begin their coding journey with the physical Bee-Bots robots. These robots allow our youngest learners to develop their understanding of directions, turns, distance and problem solving in a hands-on and engaging way.


Year 1 - Scratch Jr

During Year One, students get their first experiences with a digital form of block coding using Scratch Jr on their iPads where they develop and utilise their knowledge of sequencing, direction, timing and also trial and error. Students manipulate digital characters and create stories to solve challenges and express their creativity.


Year 2 – Dash Robots

Year Two students are introduced to digital programming with a physical robot, where they use their iPads to create programs for their specialised dash robots. Students collaborate and utilise their iPads to create and solve challenges that begin to link problem solving with the Mathematics curriculum.


Year 3 – WeDo

In Year Three, students begin the building side of Robotics to go with block coding and programming skills. Working with partners and groups, students build a range of Lego WeDo robots to solve a range of challenges and expand their own creativity with their own programs.


Year 4 – Sphero

During Year Four, students get their hands on their most sophisticated robot yet! Sphero robots allow students to manipulate movements, shapes and angles in new and precise ways. Spheros allow for high-level group collaboration and program design while building upon skills from previous programs.


Year 5 - Ev3 Lego Mindstorms

In Year Five, students put together all their Robotics, Coding and Programming skills they have been building upon over their time at MWPS. Students collaborate to build their impressive EV3 Lego Mindstorms which are used to solve challenges, create programs and utilise all new sensors. The EV3 Lego Mindstorms also allow students to see the most practical side of their Mathematics knowledge come to life!


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