BYOD Program

At Mount Waverley Primary School we have recognised that we must remain at the forefront of maximising the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in our classrooms.  Proudly over the past six years, the school has invested significant time and financial support into developing successful BYOD laptop and iPad programs. These innovative programs are driven by the need to not only adapt to the Victorian Curriculum, but also to continue to increase student engagement and student learning outcomes.


The Victorian Curriculum integrates ICT throughout English, Mathematics and other domains.  It is therefore critical that our school’s leadership team and staff continue to advocate for, and use technology, to broaden the learning of their students.


Mount Waverley Primary School is privileged to be a pilot school of the New Pedagogies Project. This program has focussed on creating ‘deep learning experiences’ in which technology can facilitate. We firmly believe that the BYOD program enables students to engage in real life learning experiences which engage them and create exciting new possibilities for all involved.



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