Digital Technologies

At Mount Waverley Primary School, we have a strong commitment to digital learning. Students have access to school iPads, laptops and a range of other devices across all year levels. Our families also have the option of providing a personal device for their child’s learning, iPads in Years 1 - 3 and PC laptops in Years 4 - 6 as part of the BYOD programs.


Digital Technology and devices utilised at MWPS integrate all areas of the Victorian Curriculum using a range of programs and apps. Everchanging and evolving skills with technology are an essential part of education in the 21st century and Mount Waverley Primary School prioritises our students’ development within these key areas for their future learning and careers.


Programs and apps have been specifically selected for their value on student learning with achieving learning goals that align with the Victorian Curriculum and beyond, as great focus is with the development of the ‘whole learner,’ including skills with critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, researching, presentations and connecting to the world around each individual.


Every student at Mount Waverley Primary School is part of a class Seesaw community which allows families to connect with their child’s learning and view all the wonderful events taking place in the classroom and school community.


Integrating with the Victorian Curriculum

Victorian Curriculum learning outcomes are targeted and extended with the support of digital devices. As well as developing modern ICT skills, students utilise their devices to achieve their learning goals in Reading, Writing, Mathematics and all other areas of the curriculum.


Hands-on Learning

Hands-on learning has never been more simple or effective than with the use of digital technology. Students can create and document their physical learning through photo, video and voice capabilities for a range of different audiences. Devices also allow student learning to extend beyond the classroom and outside to the physical world around them.



Collaboration can occur in a multitude of forms and the benefits of working with others carries across the futures of all our students. Students take part in group and team learning activities where members work towards common learning goals. On any given day, students could be filming a news report or commercial, planning an excursion into the city, completing a coding challenge with their robot or creating a presentation around a subject they are passionate about. Opportunities for collaboration in schools has never linked so closely to the real the world.



Devices not only allow students to further their knowledge and research with a subject they are passionate about, but creative limits for how they will demonstrate their learning become limitless. When students have opportunities to create, manipulate and research media formats such as photos, videos, audio and texts across a vast amount of programs and devices, the learning in a classroom grows as student engagement with their learning grows.


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