Student Leadership

Student leadership is not confined to a small group of individuals, as leadership potential is inherent within all learners. Student leadership includes listening to and being able to clarify the issues of the students they represent and advocating on their behalf. Student leaders have an increased sense of responsibility to help others and to model leadership principles and values. Trust, autonomy and relationships are enhanced through the development of

leadership qualities.


At MWPS we encourage students to:

  • set high expectations for themselves and feel motivated and empowered to exercise agency
  • have a growth mindset and believe they can learn, and build their knowledge and skills, through effort
  • can represent their school and its students as confident members of a student leadership team
  • generate meaningful discussions on behalf of those students whose voices are less likely to be heard, who are disengaged, or who lack the skills and confidence to express views and opinions
  • actively participate in a student representative organisation and effectively contribute to school decision making
  • want to learn about themselves, and contribute to the community and the world around them.


At Mount Waverley Primary School, students have the opportunity to take on many leadership roles. In addition to four School Captains and eight House Captains, Year 6 students are also able to apply for the positions of Literacy, Numeracy, Wellbeing, Library, Choir, Orchestra, Sustainability, Art and LOTE Captains. Each sporting team representing the school has two captains. Trained student leaders run our Peer Mediation program. These students also run assembly as part of their role. Our School Captains have a pivotal role in hosting any School Tours at the school for perspective family enrolments.


Students in Years 2 – 6 can also choose to be part of the Junior School Council or Student Wellbeing Action Team (SWAT). Leadership opportunities are also built into the class programs and are many and varied.


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