Student Wellbeing

MWPS is committed to providing a safe, secure and stimulating learning environment for all students. Students reach their full educational potential only when they are happy, healthy and safe, and when there is a positive school culture to engage and support them in their learning. MWPS acknowledges that student wellbeing and student learning outcomes are inextricably linked. MWPS is committed to preventing and addressing bullying, including cyberbullying and child abuse.


Students from Foundation to Year 6 actively participate in the Resilience, Rights and Respectful Relationships classroom program. This is informed by a strong evidence base that highlights the elements of effective practice in enhancing student learning about social and emotional learning and respectful relationships. Each term the whole school focuses on two topics and students engage in age appropriate learning activities and discussion. The eight topics covered are: Emotional Literacy, Personal Strengths, Positive Coping, Problem Solving, Stress Management, Help Seeking, Gender and Identity and Positive Gender Relations.



School Values

The values: Respect, Curiosity and Creativity, Integrity, Resilience and Empathy 

underpin the school’s operation. For our School Community this means that everyone will be treated with respect. We equip our students to embrace their future with curiosity and creativity, optimism and confidence with an ability to communicate, share and make informed choices. Values are the moral code of our rights and responsibilities by which we live each day to guide our attitudes, actions and behaviours. Our individual values are directly linked to the values of the community and society in which we live.


In our school community these values are demonstrated when we:

  • Respect – consistently displays consideration, regard and understanding for others and the environment
  • Resilience – persist and bounce back from disappointments and setbacks with a positive attitude
  • Integrity – always strive to be the best we can be and to make a positive contribution through our actions, words and behaviours
  • Curiosity and Creativity – seek to learn and discover and support the learning and discovery in others
  • Empathy – respond to others with kindness, understanding and sensitivity

We care about children and understand the importance of student wellbeing. We are committed to the development of social competencies and life skills such as persistence, independence, problem solving and resilience in our students and believe that they are fundamental to success and happiness.


Students are encouraged to exhibit the school values, with positive behaviour recognised and acknowledged at assemblies and in the school newsletter. Students are supported daily by classroom teachers with daily wellbeing ‘check ins’, Student Wellbeing Action Team assistance and Peer Mediators in the yard.




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