Philosophy of Teaching

Purpose Statement

Mount Waverley Primary School values quality education with high expectations. Our students learn in a safe, vibrant and caring environment that promotes acceptance, confidence, curiosity, friendship, fun and respectful relationships.


Mount Waverley Primary School Vision Statement

Mount Waverley Primary School is an inclusive school of choice for the community because it:

  • Facilitates quality teaching and learning programs where differentiation and deep learning are valued
  • Strives to attain excellent academic results
  • Develops whole school curriculum programs which are embraced by skilled teachers
  • Implements a diverse curriculum which caters for all students and provides opportunities to develop the whole child including critical thinking, creativity, problem solving, global citizenship, sustainability and indigenous studies
  • Embraces digital studies which are delivered by all teachers in an environment where responsible cyber use is explicitly taught
  • Actively involves and engages students in learning tasks connected to real life learning within environments which challenge and empower students, allow for student choice, opportunities to be reflective and receive teacher feedback about their own learning
  • Cares about all students and develops social competencies including the concept rights and responsibilities, engagement and wellbeing of all stakeholders, with zero tolerance of bullying
  • Values community partnerships, relationships and spirit
  • Facilitates strong leadership opportunities for collaboration in decision making processes.

Mount Waverley Primary School is respected, valued and sought after by the broader and immediate community who share a sense of pride, ownership and belonging.


Philosophy of Teaching and Learning

  • Provide an engaging, stimulating and fun learning environment
  • Implement consistent whole school teaching and learning practices through agreed systems and processes
  • Achieve individual success through differentiated teaching and learning opportunities, individual learning goals, reflection and feedback and ongoing assessment to monitor and inform teaching and learning
  • Respect all cultures and relationships. Embrace individuality and foster inclusiveness in a safe environment
  • Empower students through student-centred learning, which is relevant, open ended, engaging, challenging and linked to real life experiences
  • Encourage students to take responsibility for their learning and provide constructive feedback
  • Use a variety of tools and strategies for all learning experiences, for feedback to students and feedback from students to improve student outcomes
  • Value our role as educators and through targeted professional development strive for continuous improvement
  • Acknowledge the importance and impact of all aspects of our school environment on educational outcomes for students and their personal growth
  • Provide explicit instruction with clear learning intentions, success criteria and high expectations of all students
  • Empower students to be intrinsically motivated and autonomous learners.

Year 6 Graduate Profile

At Mount Waverley Primary School, by the end of Year 6, we expect students to:

  • Be accomplished critical thinkers, able to analyse, evaluate, hypothesise, apply a range of strategies and develop solutions in response to different problems and challenges
  • As a minimum, achieve the national benchmark in all areas of Literacy and Numeracy
  • Have developed sound scientific skills with a heightened sense of curiosity and the capacity to create a hypothesis, collate, sort, summarise findings, analyse and report on results and graphically represent results
  • Have mastered fundamental motor skills enabling them to effectively participate in a wide range of physical education activities and sports
  • Have mastered the relevant skills in technology which will enable them to effectively transition to Year 7
  • Have developed social skills such as the ability to make friends, communicate effectively, be resilient, be responsible, be kind, be respectful, listen to others and speak with confidence
  • Have highly developed organisational skills
  • Have developed the ability to analyse, question and investigate
  • Have developed an understanding of how they best learn
  • Have experienced opportunities in a broad range of curriculum and extra curricula learning to develop their skills, knowledge, understanding and sense of self.


Values are the moral code of our rights and responsibilities by which we live each day to guide our attitudes, actions and behaviours. Our individual values are directly linked to the values of the community and society in which we live.


Respect – consistently displays consideration, regard and understanding for others and the environment
Resilience – persist and bounce back from disappointments and setbacks with a positive attitude
Integrity – always strive to be the best we can be and to make a positive contribution through our actions, words and behaviours
Curiosity and Creativity – seek to learn and discover and support the learning and discovery in others
Empathy – respond to others with kindness, understanding and sensitivity


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