Mount Waverley Primary School’s Kinder to Foundation Transition Program has started.


Click to see a range of videos made by our leadership team that will help you get to know our school.


Transition Program for 2022 Foundation Students   

You are invited to attend our Foundation Transition Sessions which will be offered on Tuesdays and Wednesdays during 2021 from 9:30 to 10:30am. 


These student transition sessions are held online in a Webex meeting room.


At the beginning of our Student Transition sessions, families will also have the opportunity to hear our Guest Speakers talk about a range of topics on Webex. These topics include school readiness, school life and the school’s curriculum programs.


Relevant Webex room details will be emailed to families ahead of each Transition.




Transition Dates Student Sessions Guest Speakers for Parent Sessions
Tuesday 27 July Welcome to Mount Waverley Primary School ‘Getting to Know Us’ morning tea with our Principal Team.
Tuesday 10 August Our school environment iPads and Laptops – Our BYOD program with Courtney Chan, and Sustainability with Loretta Leary
Wednesday 15 September Moving our bodies Natasha from Speakmore
Wednesday 13 October Numeracy is all around us MWPS Wellbeing with Jacinta Evans
Tuesday 16 November Our Library Stay and enjoy morning tea with our student leaders
Tuesday 7 December Orientation – Meet the Teacher and new Class Literacy and Numeracy with our Learning Specialists


Information Session for Parents of 2022 Foundation Students 


Wednesday 17th November 6.00pm – 7.00pm


At this stage the Parent Information Session will probably be online too.


Information will be sent out to families closer to this evening.


Parents will receive their ‘Starting School booklet’ and practical information about the first few weeks of school.


Speakers include:  Members of the Principal Team and our Foundation Classroom Teachers


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