Students at Mount Waverley participate in a variety of specialist programs. They have Physical Education classes with a specialist teacher each week. They visit the library weekly, with lessons fortnightly. Each student receives Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Japanese and Science lessons for one semester each year.

Visual Arts

The Mount Waverley Visual Arts program is designed to promote creativity and imagination, where students are able to exercise their emotions and intellect simultaneously, therefore providing a vehicle for self expression. The art program will endeavour to provide all students with the opportunity to use and experience a wide range of art/craft media, techniques and processes to develop an appreciation of all forms of the Visual Arts, in a relaxing and enjoyable environment.

Performing Arts

The Music Program at Mount Waverley Primary School aims to develop well rounded musicians with the essential skills required to compose and perform. Students learn how to read, write and perform formal music notation with instruments including the glockenspiel and recorder, develop vocal technique, analyse sound, learn about great musicians and composers, and use ICT music composition programs. The School has an extensive Instrumental Program run by the Online Music Solutions Company (Fees apply).Opportunity is given for students to join a number of musical ensembles including the Orchestra, Senior Choir and Junior Choir. Students may perform at many events throughout the year culminating with the highly anticipated Christmas Carols Concert.


Mount Waverley Primary School is fortunate and proud to have a very well resourced library run by a trained teacher librarian.

Our library is open before and after school and for half of lunchtime. Students and their families are encouraged to exchange their books, seek book suggestions or simply meet friends or read.

Library classes are a fortnightly and the children are strongly encouraged to read often and widely, and to appreciate, enjoy, examine and respond to literature. They are shown how to use the library to find what they need, introduced to the features that help them to read both online and print based factual texts and introduced to strategies that support inquiry, or research.

The library program includes an exciting calendar of events. There are regular author and illustrator visits, which have a profound effect on borrowing and reading; The Scholastic Book Fair is held annually, strongly supported by parent helpers and providing us with funds for many wonderful resources which enhance the library environment. Book Week celebrations include the Great Book Swap and Library Open Saturday, when school families are invited to come and …read together, to celebrate the amazing impact parents can have on their children’s reading.

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Physical Education

The Health and Physical Education program at Mount Waverley Primary School provides students with knowledge, skills and behaviours to enable them to achieve a degree of autonomy in developing and maintaining their physical, mental, social and emotional health. This program focuses on the importance of a healthy lifestyle and physical activity in the lives of individuals and groups in our society.

Students’ involvement in physical activity can take many forms, ranging from individual, non-competitive activity through to competitive team games. Emphasis is placed on combining motor skills and tactical knowledge to improve individual and team performance. Students progress from the development of basic motor skills to the performance of complex movement patterns that form part of team games. They learn how developing physical capacity in areas such as strength, flexibility and endurance is related to both fitness and physical performance.

Students progress from learning simple rules and procedures to enable them to participate in movement and physical activity safely, to using equipment safely and confidently. Students undertake a variety of roles when participating in sports such as umpire, coach, player and administrator and assume responsibility for the organisation of aspects of a sporting competition.

Sports covered within the school include: Athletics, Cross Country, Swimming, Tennis, Basketball, Football, Handball, Hockey, Kickball, Lacrosse, Netball, Rounders, Skipping, Softball, T-ball, Hot Shots Tennis, Volleyball, Badmintion, Table Tennis and Racquetball.

LOTE - Japanese

All students will have the opportunity to be involved in LOTE sessions in Japanese based on the Australian Curriculum. The program will be organised into the two dimensions of communicating and understanding. Communicating will involve students in learning the knowledge, skills and behaviours through speaking, listening, reading and writing. Understanding will develop students’ knowledge of the connections between language and culture.

Students learn aspects about Japanese culture and language through the means of:

  • Basic greetings and gestures
  • Singing
  • Role playing
  • Cooking
  • Making a variety of Japanese crafts


The Mount Waverley Primary School Science Program encourages students from Prep to Year 6 to engage scientifically with the world around them. Students participate in hands-on investigations, collaborative group inquiry and problem based learning. Students are supported to use a range of scientific skills to explore, question, gather and analyse information to form opinions and reach conclusions about scientific phenomena. The units covered include biological, chemical, physical and; earth and space sciences. The program aims to promote scientific curiosity and inspire students’ love of learning.