Message from Mr Greg Paine, Principal.

Mount Waverley Primary School is proud of its long history of providing quality educational opportunities for students. The school is considered a ‘School of Choice’ within the wider community and welcomes students from a diverse range of social and cultural backgrounds.

MWPS is committed to providing a child safe, secure and stimulating learning environment for all students. MWPS is a dynamic, student centred, learning community committed to providing exemplary programs in a challenging, vibrant and safe environment. The school values: Respect, Curiosity and Creativity, Integrity, Resilience and Empathy underpin the school’s operation. For our School Community, this means that everyone will be treated with respect, equality, openness and tolerance. Every student will be supported and encouraged to reach their full potential through a stimulating, challenging investigative based curriculum. We will equip our students to embrace their future with curiosity and creativity, optimism and confidence with an ability to communicate, share and make informed choices. We believe strongly in fostering Student Voice, Agency and Leadership and the pursuit of the best possible learning opportunities for all.

All Mount Waverley Primary School staff are highly committed to their profession and bring a wealth of knowledge and commitment to their crucial task of guiding students towards a fulfilling and productive seven years of primary education. The teacher is but one part of a team – parents are encouraged, at all times, to communicate with teachers and the school management on issues that are of interest or concern to them. Community members are invited to participate in a wide range of activities that support the operation of the school, creating a strong sense of ownership and involvement.

The school has recently been rebuilt and features world class learning spaces and furniture, which support the use of innovative teaching to maximise student learning. Teachers are passionate about being up skilled through regular attendance at a wide range of professional development opportunities.

As Principal of Mount Waverley, I am committed to encouraging teachers, parents and students to be involved and to recognise and contribute to ensuring Mount Waverley Primary School students complete their final year of primary school education fully equipped, both academically and socially, for the challenges of their future years of schooling.

I have two older children, one commencing her third year as a primary school teacher and the other co-ordinating a Camp Australia program and also working as an integration aide. I have a current understanding of the complexities schooling can present to families. In addition to this, I have a five year old constantly reminding me of the demands that young families place on parents. She has commenced school this year which is very exciting.

I am also a sports enthusiast with interest in many areas of sport. As a leader of education I am vitally concerned with the physical health of children and have dedicated myself to promoting activities that will prepare each child for a healthy life style. Setting high standards for academic achievement and making provision for students not achieving the expected level are priorities for Mount Waverley Primary School. I am passionate about The Arts and gain enormous enjoyment from the work that students produce both visually and through performances. Recognising academic excellence and outstanding social behaviour is a feature of our school.

Over the years our school has gone from strength to strength with ICT and currently delivers an outstanding program with state of the art facilities including interactive tvs in all classrooms, a large number of laptops and iPads, Year 4-6 1:1 program and a Year 1 and 2 iPad program which will be expanded to Year 3 by 2021. Our technology program has also been enhanced in recent years by the introduction of a specialist STEAM teacher.

I am delighted to be part of this outstanding school and look forward to continuing to build upon the great work that has already been achieved at Mount Waverley Primary School. Under our leadership, the school community will reach out and further develop the traditions and standing of this proud and beautifully located school.