MWPS is committed to providing a safe, secure and stimulating learning environment for all students.  Students reach their full educational potential only when they are happy, healthy and safe, and when there is a positive school culture to engage and support them in their learning.  MWPS acknowledges that student wellbeing and student learning outcomes are inextricably linked.  MWPS is committed to preventing and addressing bullying, including cyberbullying and child abuse.

The school supports all students through a strategic preventative and intervention approach led by the Assistant Principal – Wellbeing Coordinator. Teachers deliver social skills and wellbeing programs at each level of the school including ‘The Connect To School Program’ ‘Life Education’, Reach Rookys, Revved Up and MPower Girls. Students are supported by the DET Psychologist, Social Worker, Speech Therapist and outside specialists. MWPS has introduced a Peer Mediation Program and Buddy Bench in the school yard where students can meet, play and form friendships. Student leaders have an active role in supporting students across the school through the Peer Mediation Program, Student Council and Year 5 and Prep Buddy Program which supports relationships between Foundation and Year 5 students and follows through to Year 1 and Year 6.

The values: Respect, Curiosity and Creativity, Integrity, Resilience and Empathy underpin the school’s operation. For our School Community this means that everyone will be treated with respect.  We equip our students to embrace their future with curiosity and creativity, optimism and confidence with an ability to communicate, share and make informed choices. Values are the moral code of our rights and responsibilities by which we live each day to guide our attitudes, actions and behaviours.  Our individual values are directly linked to the values of the community and society in which we live.

In our school community these values are demonstrated when we:

  • Respect – consistently displays consideration, regard and understanding for others and the environment
  • Resilience – persist and bounce back from disappointments and setbacks with a positive attitude
  • Integrity – always strive to be the best we can be and to make a positive contribution through our actions, words and behaviours
  • Curiosity and Creativity – seek to learn and discover and support the learning and discovery in others
  • Empathy – respond to others with kindness, understanding and sensitivity

We care about children and understand the importance of student wellbeing. We are committed to the development of social competencies and life skills such as persistence, independence, problem solving and resilience in our students and believe that they are fundamental to success and happiness.

The school implements a number of values based programs which support student wellbeing. Circle Time activities, Life Habits, Games Factory, student focus groups and a range of student leadership programs which increase the development of self-esteem and independence.

The Student Code of Cooperation is actively promoted across the school. Students are encouraged to exhibit the school values, with positive behaviour recognized through Citizenship, Excellence and classroom awards.  Student achievements are acknowledged at assemblies and in the school newsletter.


Peer Mediation

The Peer Mediation Program has been successfully implemented at MWPS over many years. It has contributed to the development of a positive, safe, caring and friendly school environment. Peer Mediation can assist in the prevention of unfair play, exclusion, teasing and bullying in the school yard.

The Peer Mediation Training Program teaches Year 6 students to help resolve minor conflict. Mediation opens up communication channels enabling students who are having a disagreement to discuss their problems and come to a resolution with the guidance of a trained Year 6 School Leader. Yard duty teachers and our Year 6 teachers support Peer Mediators in their role.

Year 6 Leaders learn inter-personal skills and negotiation strategies. In the Peer mediation training students learn about body language, active listening and clarifying, respecting points of view, empathy, asking open ended questions and brainstorming ideas. They also learn how to assist in finding solutions to low level conflict like name calling, misunderstandings around rules of a game, argument, friendship issues.

The MPower Girls program has been designed for girls in Years 5 to 9. The program is best implemented in Year 5 and explores the relationships girls have with one another and the secret world of girls’ aggression. The program is designed to deal with issues of bullying, cliques and how girls relate to one another.

The program aims to:

  • reveal and explore the nature of girls’ changing relationships
  • better understand girls’ aggression
  • practice new ways of relating
  • develop the confidence to express feelings honestly.

The Revved Up program is designed to help students recognise their own responses to different situations and provide strategies that will assist them in relating with others.

The program is divided into eight steps as follows:

R – ealise the anger
E – xit the scene
V – eer off to avoid violence
V – alue my relationships
E – xpress myself assertively
D – efeat my fireball
U – nderstand other people’s aggression
P – resenting me

Reach Rookys is an early-intervention approach to support the important middle years, as young people transition from primary to secondary school.

The students participate in fun and creative activities that encourage them to explore themes like bullying and the importance of empathy; understanding and appreciating difference; and the impact of our beliefs on our behaviour.

The intended outcomes of the program are

  • Improved resilience and self-belief.
  • Enhanced emotional and social skills.
  • Improved connections with peers.
  • The use of positive coping strategies which can be applied in their lives.