Student Leadership

At Mount Waverley Primary School, students have the opportunity to take on many leadership roles. In addition to four School Captains and eight House Captains, Year 6 students are also able to apply for the positions of Library, Choir, Orchestra, Environment and ICT Captains. Each sporting team representing the school has two captains. Trained student leaders run out Peer Mediation program. These students run assembly as part of their role.

Our Student Council is comprised of elected members from each Year 1 to 6 class. They meet weekly to make decisions about a variety of aspects of our school and they represent and report to their classes. They organise fundraising activities for a range of organisations including supporting our Kenyan World Vision sponsored child, Lilian. This year the students have co-cordinated a fun filled all day footy day and the Inaugural Aboriginal day to celebrate our Indigenous Community.

Leadership opportunities are also built into the class programs and are many and varied


Mountt Waverley Primary is a Five Star Sustainable school. The aims of the Sustainable Environment education at MWPS are:

  • to develop an appreciation of the environment, our relationship with it and our responsibility for its future.
  • to develop the knowledge, skills, attitudes, values and commitment to be environmentally friendly and responsible.
  • to assist students to develop an environmental ethic that is reflected in individual and collective environmental practices.
  • to encourage and assist students to develop an environmental consciousness and awareness of their relationship with the environment, through direct contact with the environment and practice in environmental decision-making,

To assist in meeting these aims we participate in recycling, Earth Hour each fortnight, Environment Club, growing vegetables, tree planting, wildlife fundraising and units of work within the class programs.

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Student Voice

Student Voice involves student directed learning with teachers acting as facilitators rather than dictators in the classroom; students have input in their learning and provide teachers with ongoing feedback through many avenues. Student Voice develops children as confident, empowered students who are responsible for their own behaviour and learning and who have a positive impact on their classroom, school and environment.

Improving student voice strategies across the school is a major priority in Mount Waverley Primary School’s current Strategic Plan. The Student Voice, Engagement and Wellbeing professional learning team have begun work on developing a school specific definition of Student Voice and a Vision of Excellence for Student Voice at Mount Waverley. The team will be working with Jane Kovacs from Quality Learning Australia to develop a plan to effectively embed Student Voice in our daily teaching practice to build teacher capacity and ultimately continue to improve student learning at our school.

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Camping Program

Students from Years 3 to 6 have the opportunity to attend a school camp each year. This allows students to engage in educational experiences outside of home and school settings, providing wider learning to support and extend classroom activities. The program enhances the acquisition of knowledge, values and skills. The students are given the opportunity to develop independence and responsible behaviours that will contribute to personal and group safety and well-being.

The current program is:

Year 3 – Arrabri Lodge, Warburton (Term 4)

Year 4 – Oasis Camp, Mount Evelyn (Term 1)

Year 5 – Phillip Island (Term 3)

Year 6 – Waratah Bay (Term 2)



In Year 5, students participate in our Lego  Mindstorms robotics program. They make a buggy and then learn to program it to perform a series of increasingly complex tasks.

The learning outcomes of this program are many and varied. In addition to the logical thinking and problem solving skills developed through the programming, students are also able to design and solve their own problems. The opportunity to work collaboratively and reflect on their learning enriches the experience and extends their skills.

Kids Teaching Kids

The Kids Teaching Kids Program promotes positive wellbeing and helps build resilience in young people. It raises awareness and drives action on local and global environmental issues, bringing communities together to solve common challenges and help the next generation of leaders who will take collective responsibility for our future.

Kids Teaching Kids Week is a free, national, inquiry based, peer teaching program that uses the environment as a theme and focus for learning. Students of all ages find solutions to complex environmental problems such as climate change, water, waste, conservation, energy, drought, population and pollution. Students research, develop and then perform songs, comedy, dance routines, poems, plays and experiments for their classmates to deliver their messages about the environment.

We connect and challenge students with real world issues, inspiring them to want to know more. By giving students the opportunity to present a workshop to others during Kids Teaching Kids Week or at one of the Kids Conferences, students see that they can have a positive impact on the world, starting in their own communities. They are given tools to manage their own learning and become confident, caring and informed citizens ready to take on new challenges.